What social media can do for your business

Social media is no longer a gimmick or cool toy for geeks.  It’s an established platform that can advance multiple phases of your business, including marketing, sales, customer service, and recruiting.

Here are a few of its uses.  Of course just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  Social media is a means not an end.  Just like any program, make sure you first have a strategic, operational, and accountable plan that serves your marketing and business goals.

What Social Media Can Do
Branding Distribute company news
* Learn what people are saying about you
Promote Positioning
Establish Expertise
Internet Increase web site traffic
Improve search engine rankings
Other Marketing PR & Communications
Product updates
* Industry news
* Competitive news
Sales * Increase Leads
Run Promotions
Improve sales
Promote discontinued/distressed sales
Retain customers
Customers Learn Problems
* Solicit Suggestions
Enable questions
Other Promote open jobs
Seek Funding
Run background checks
* Top 5 small business uses according to a survey
in Ad-ology Marketing Forecast 2010

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