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Moved to FREEDAmerica!

Dear Readers,

I’m FREED!, so to speak, or rather write.  I’m moving my articles and commentary to my new site at FREEDAmerica.  

We’re developing exciting projects like (what do Trump’s tweets really mean?!?) and FREEDWork.  I may occasionally post here if I remember.  But don’t count on it.

I invite you to check us out at FREEDAmerica, sign up for our mailing list, contact us there to volunteer, and follow us as well on Twitter and Facebook.

Best Wishes,

Marc Freedman



Free legal documents for startups

I’ve been publishing sites with free legal documents for startups at DallasBlue Entrepreneurs.  These have been compiled below. A current list of these docs will be kept here.

These documents are an excellent resource for entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with what to expect in starting a company and seeking funding.

There is an imbalance in power between entrepreneurs with no money and investors with millions or even billions of dollars.  It’s resulted in agreements with complex terms that give investors great power in the relationship and generate huge legal fees that average $50,000 per funding round.

These documents are typically written to simplify agreements, slash fees, and protect founders.

Note that we are not attorneys and are not providing legal advice. These documents should be used with caution and in consultation with your own legal counsel.


Model Seed Funding Documents. Created by Cooley Godward Kronish, LLP. Includes Term Sheet, Restated Articles (of incorporation), Bylaws, Subscription Agreement, and Board Member Election Consent.

TheFunded Founder Institute, Adeo Ressi

Plain Preferred Term Sheet. This doc eliminates aggressive investor terms, such as participation with preferred stock, a 1x liquidation preference, and single trigger vesting acceleration on acquisition.

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Term Sheet Generator. Generate a venture financing term sheet through an interactive questionnaire. It also has an informational component, with basic tutorials and annotations on financing terms.

Entrepreneur resource

I’m building out a resource wiki for Entrepreneurs, currently here.  The highlight so far are links to sites with free legal forms to create term sheets and corporations. Contact me or comment here to add your own urls and ideas.

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