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Can you use $10,000 in seed money for your venture?

BAE Workshop & Investments just increased its seed investment for fast growth startups all over the world to $10,000.

The BAE Accelerator program is proven to dramatically increase your prospects for angel and VC funding.  It starts with seed capital of up to $10,000 when you’re accepted to show our confidence in your business and commitment in getting you funded.  Then our workshop shares eight weekly sessions with personal coaching to get your business plan and presentation fully investor-ready. Lastly we personally introduce you and go with you to meet Bay Area investors.

If you’re not in the Bay Area, you can participate remotely.  The seed money more than covers the $1,000 workshop fee and your travel expenses to meet investors in Silicon Valley.

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Send your Executive Summary to apply for our program now to me at marc at for immediate consideration. The Fall Program is already filling up, so don’t delay!  Registration closes Sept. 30.


Why Good Companies Don’t Get Funded

Applications for the Fall program at Bay Area Entrepreneur Workshop & Investments (BAE) close in 2 weeks. Earlier I told you we expanded the program and now accept ventures from anywhere in the world. In addition to Bay Area companies, we likely will accept and invest in at least one from Dallas, as well as others across the US.  What about yours?

Send your Executive Summary now to me at marc at for immediate consideration. The Fall Program is already filling up, so don’t delay!


You know startups face dismal odds of getting funded. One out of ten executive summaries produces an invitation to pitch to a VC. One out of twenty pitches results in an invitation to return. A tiny fraction wind up with the money.

Wait, it gets even worse. Serial entrepreneurs or execs with an extensive investor network typically get funding.  Take them out of the equation and your chances are even more remote.

What’s an entrepreneur to do?

I’ve read and seen over a thousand business plans and pitches and been involved with numerous investors.  Many of them simply are not fundable.  Their business plans and presentations are non-standard and even hard for investors to read.  Some even lack contact info. The startups don’t have a real business model (30% of those pitching to one VC don’t!), they haven’t demonstrated pain or need, the product is incremental and not innovative, their business is not scalable, the product and marketing are not focused, there is no sweat equity, the market is not large enough, there is no team, a believable go-to-market plan is missing, there is no IP or barrier to entry, and so on.  These are just a few of the many pitfalls.

Develop the right business plan and pitch and you CAN separate yourself from the pack to dramatically increase your chance of funding.

BAE Workshop and Investments was founded specifically to do just that. BAE is a 21st Century Accelerator. We provide the education and support that ensures you craft plans and pitches investors want to see. Our process was proven to help 40% of companies get funded.

We invest $5,000 in your startup to prove our belief in your venture and commitment to you.  We’ll introduce you to angels and VCs who invest in your space.

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