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Free venture consulting and coaching

Tribe Blue provides top quality consulting, coaching, and group support … at an affordable price. We’re bringing the cost down even further … to zero with our Scholarship program. Two entrepreneurs will be awarded six month scholarships that cover the full cost of the membership.

You don’t have to be located in DFW. You can literally be anywhere in the world as long as you can call in to our phone meetings at noon (12pm) US Central time.

One scholarship has been awarded to JW Richard of Mandrake Society Radio. A second scholarship is currently open. Could you be the next scholarship winner? Learn more and apply.


Business Social Networks: The Next Generation, Tue Nov 10 – Win a free ticket


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Which DFW company will be the next LinkedIn?


LinkedIn pioneered social networks for business. It has grown to dominate the market with 50 million members and a valuation over $1 billion. A new generation of ventures promises advanced technologies and services that leapfrog LinkedIn and develop new ways for executives, professionals, and small business owners to search, be found, contact one another, share documents, and conduct business.

Patrick Robbins Come learn about exciting DFW startups and where business social networking is heading from our panel of CEOs.

Patrick Robbins, CEO, SalesBook. Use the SalesBook social network to find and share leads, influence your clients’ purchase process, manage communications, and build credibility as a thought leader and trusted advisor in your industry.

Lee Blaylock Lee Blaylock, CEO, WhoDoYou KnowAt. The WhoDoYouKnow private contact management service enables you to share your contacts with five different contact access levels, from total sharing with your closest colleagues to anonymity with remote contacts.

Steve Gallegos Steve Gallegos, CEO, WhoYa. WhoYa is an invitation-only community of business owners, who receive personal introductions to thousands of warm market consumers…weekly!

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Wednesdays 11:45am-1:45pm, Fridays 12pm – 1:30pm
Tribe Blue for Entrepreneurs
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Powerful venture consulting, coaching, and support … in an affordable format

Tuesday November 10, 11:30am – 1:30pm
Business Social Networks – The Next Generation
Hosted by Haynes and Boone, Richardson
2505 N. Plano Road, Suite 4000 at E. Lookout
Presenters Patrick Robbins, CEO, SalesBook, Lee Blaylock, CEO, WhoDoYouKnowAt, Steve Gallegos, CEO, WhoYa

Tuesday November 17, 5-8pm
Fat Tuesday Business Networking and LinkedIn Party
Location To Be Announced
LinkedIn Extravaganza! Details to come

Free Association

Strategic cooperation as a superior business paradigm isn’t new.  It’s been around for millennia.  It’s a staple for management consultants. Coopetition was  a big buzz word in the 90s.  There is a resurgence every decade or two when an economic sector goes bust due to unfettered capitalism, a  less-militaristic US Administration takes power, or both.  It’s always amusing to see it rediscovered as if it’s a new and radical concept.

We’ve long promoted alliances at DallasBlue from our Entrepreneurs group, which advocates partnerships as a key strategic lever for startups, to Tribe Blue, which is founded on group support and empowerment.

I especially like the term “Free Association” from William Dunk Partners of Global Province.  Much of today’s workforce are indeed free agents.  They don’t just work for or with one company, but with many organizations.  They freely choose their associations, from consulting work to founding or working for new ventures to volunteering.

William Dunk Partners is a savvy and prescient group that has long advocated a rational view of the world from politics to business.  This week’s issue explores Free Assocation with examples  from “no drama with Obama” to Sony’s amicable co-chairs to organizational interoperability to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Here is an excerpt with their definition of Free Association.

On the Global Province, we have claimed that the predominant catalyst for organizations that would seek to be global is not mergers and acquisitions, but alliances where companies, governments, and others cooperate freely even though they have no fiscal or legal bonds, but instead move in concert because they have the will to work together.  We call this “Free Association.”

What we did not make clear there is that alliance-making requires a temperament and decorum that is very much counter to the age of celebrity.  No entity, no matter its competitive advantages, that wishes to operate on a global scale has the resources or the implicit power to be effective on a go-it-alone basis.  What’s required is a culture that celebrates gentle dialogue between those inside the walls of an organization and with those in other institutions 25,000 miles away. This requires people who are in control of their mouths and their egos.


Group services: Would you like registration with that?

Leading email marketing service Constant Contact announced they’re adding event registration services.  The only surprise is that it’s taken so long.  How many fancy email templates do you have to add before you wonder if there is a better way to leverage your technology, service, and customer base?

There is a natural convergence of group services, people databases, and social networks.  Despite the common tech platform, the rise of converged services has been slow to innovate, save the tidal wave of Facebook and iPhone apps.

Egroups (now Yahoo Groups) set the bar almost 15 years ago for integrated group services.  Yet some of the services there still haven’t made it to email marketing, which has been mostly stagnant the past several years.  While email marketers have added surveys, blogs, and RSS feeds, key group services continue to be weak, including contact management, group management, and CRM.

As a group owner and event organizer, I welcome this integration.  It streamlines my backoffice and operations.

Now if my current email provider (iContact) would just hop on this bandwagon …


Win a Free Ticket to DallasBlue Networking Party Tue Oct 27


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You only get one chance to make an impression.  You are what people see – in business on your web site, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter – and socially on dating sites.  Presidents have portraits.  You can too.  Do you have a current professional high quality business photo to make that great impression?

If not, it’s free and part of the goodies we have for you at the Oct 27 Fat Tuesday Networking and LinkedIn Party hosted by Visual Image Fine Art Publishing.

Sign up now! Early registration has been extended through Friday.  It’s been reduced to only $5 for Tribe and Gold members and $10 for everyone else!

Visual Image Fine Art logoThe party continues our Social Networking theme this month.

  • The short presentation is on social media branding with “You Are What You Tweet.”
  • Visual Image Fine Art Publishing will be taking high quality business photos in their studio for your networking and business profiles.
  • Park Central Chiropractic will be back with free massages.
  • Experience Power networking with Professional introductions, Electronic business cards, and Free promotion in Blue.`
  • As always, enjoy food, drink, and door prizes, and making new business connections.

Register now at

Visual Image Find Art gallrey


Fat TuesdayTuesday October 27, 5-8pm
Fat Tuesday Business Networking and LinkedIn Party
Hosted by Visual Image Fine Art Publishing, Dallas
14320 Midway Rd, Suite 300, Dallas

Who are you? Tribe scholarships. The Economy.

One consequence of the recession is that we may know ourselves better than before.  Job security has been sliding downward for at least one entire generation.  Few of us expect to be at the same company five years from now, much less when we retire.  Each crash of the economy is a ratchet, forcibly resetting our business, career, and life  expectations as companies die, lay off, retreat, and outsource. Bob Cringely’s No Joy in Mudville exposes the seamier side of US corporati0ns and supposedly “good” companies like IBM.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  It can be once you get past the shock, accept the changed reality, and rediscover yourself and your talents.  Or not.  Some of us never recovered from the tech crash a decade ago.  Today many of us, including me, have experienced losing a job or a home in the past ten years if not recently.   I’ll give you the iPod.  But do we really need 60 inch HDTVs and 3,500 square foot homes?

The continued rise in independent work means more people are becoming entrepreneurs.  But they often don’t have the experience or tools to make the transition.  That’s why I formed Tribe Blue where we provide top quality consulting, coaching, and group support … at an affordable price. We even offer scholarships so you can get the program at absolutely no cost.

Whether you’ve experienced a job, housing, or financial loss, or live or work in fear that you will be next, the psychological impact of this recession on individuals is profound.  It can affect not just your livelihood, but your family and health.   It  should not be neglected.  A good therapist will help.  I recommend a great one, my partner Lu Vorhies.

Gender can play an interesting role.  Check out the personal essay  When Your Employer Hands You Lemons from Erik Proulx.  Here is a summary.

Buried in our caveman subconscious is this need for victory. At every turn of our lives we’re competing—for attention, grades, athletic victories, job openings, status, awards, promotions, earnings. When we lose a job, we don’t mourn the loss; we mourn the defeat.


Contest closed, but you can still grab a huge seminar discount

Congratulations to Leon Friedrich, our contest winner.  Care to join us for this terrific lunch seminar?  Register before Monday 5pm, enter ‘discount ITWEET’  in the payment notes, and  use the Gold member pricing for up to $15 off!


Social media started with email groups 15 years ago and then exploded with blogs ten years ago. It’s only getting hotter as social networks, microblogs, and video become standard business tools with names like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Social media are a proven channel to promote your brand, build trust, and create interest in your product. They’re customer-centric and empowering. Social media are conducive to viral marketing and so can lead to powerful exposure … at virtually no cost except your time.

Our seminar delivers everything you need to know to get started NOW!

Tuesday October 20, 11:30am – 1:30pm
The Best Things in Life Are Free: Social Media
BlackFinn, Addison

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