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Your innovation is In The Air

Malcolm Gladwell says innovation is always In the Air. It’s a smart takeaway from his interview with Nathan Myhrvold and the work of his Intellectual Ventures company.

Innovation evolves rather than is invented.  It’s the natural result of the science, culture, and technology that has preceded it.  If you think your business concept is truly unique,  you’re in the wrong business and need to work on that 10,000 hours.  It’s been considered, if not at a minimum conceived, by many others.

Sorry, Thomas Edison, invention is NOT 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration.  It’s more like .01% and 99.9%.  As any good investor knows, it’s all about execution. So entrepreneurs, keep your NDAs, stop whining, and start building!



Join us at the Autism Charity Golf Tourney May 11 in Plano

Autism Charity Golf TournamentSave May 11th! The 6th Annual Autism Charity Golf Tournament is Friday May 11 at Ridgeview Golf Club in Plano. We had 100 people last year.  Please make this year even better! Join us to support kids with autism and special needs. The tournament features a 4-person scramble, box lunch, silent auction, and awards reception with hundreds of dollars in gift certificates.  Sign up now!

Don’t get caught with your pants, or hard drive, down. According to a Google survey, 85% of users say they are very concerned about losing important digital data … but only 25% of users regularly back up their files. What about you?

pants downBlue Data Protection is the affordable business solution for desktop and mobile PC backup, storage, and service. Get the best of both worlds with the personal attention from a data center and the ease-of-use of backup software. Try it free for 30 days!  Download the software now or visit

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