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Startups, Investors, and Networks Dance Closer

The StartUp Health incubator has launched the StartUp Health Network, a vertical ecosystem directory service. Read more about it in TechCrunch.

The network looks like a home grown effort.  I’ll share a few insights here.  What do you think?

  • It’s a nice step in the startup ecosystem world as entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and service providers dance around one another to find the right fit for deals and partnerships.  But innovation has been excruciatingly slow over the past 15 years with limited service innovation.  It reminds me of  a galaxy rotating billions of years (that’s real years as opposed to Internet years) with only rare and random star collisions.
  • I’ve long been a champion of the transparency and social good of free information.  The first generation was wikis, then directories, and now networks.  Nice move, StartUpHealth.  But it’s more than helping others.  It’s strategic. If you own the info, you own the market.  It’s also a valuable marketing tool for lead generation, SEO, and partnerships.  Gust has done a nice job using part of this approach.
  • At their core such networks are a basic directory app with a social coating.  There is a low barrier to entry.  AngelList led the way with a Web 2.0 product. They solidified their leadership with their API.  Where are the branded and white-labelled platforms?
  • Market segmentation has been slow, confined primarily to investors and natural geography. StartUp Health points to the potential for integrated startup services, including investing and networks.  There are opportunities, assuming adequate business models, by location, industry, funding level, and technology sector, as well as at large events, associations, and corporations.
  • Where will this innovation come from? The primary source right now are ventures riding the crowdfunding wave.  But do be cautious amid the explosion of crowdfunding activity and interest this year.  Contrary to the US Congress’s best intentions, that wave will crash hard due to the SEC’s delay and concerns and the universal need for due diligence and disclosure.



Are we living in a simulation?

… And what happens when it ends?  Does God roll the dice and start again?  Does some other God, higher being,  conscious entity, or multi-tentacled blue alien pick up the pieces and give it a different try?  Or does one of us sentient programs get sent up to the big leagues?  Kind of like a promoted angel or being picked to be the one to leave Earth on Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Or Fourth Kind in this case.

What if you subscribed to the Do Not Simulate list?  Surely there is some way to opt out of this spammy digital existence short of death.

The world is becoming increasingly digitized. 3D printers are already here.  You won’t have to sorry about losing your car keys for the 20th time or building that collection of orphan socks.  Just print another.  Politicians are worried about people printing guns.  But that’s small potatoes.  Soon we’ll be able to print money, dogs, babies, and lovers.  And clones, especially clones.  Think of how productive you could be with your duplicates.  It’s just a matter of time.

What happens when we expand beyond the limited computing capacity in our brain or outlive our bodies, even despite our cloaned body parts?  When we just get tired of having to take a shower every day and say hello to the annoying neighbor next door?  Futurists say that in our digital world we’ll download into a virtual life.  I’ve already got my name on a hot little petrabyte drive when I go.  But it’s clear now that I’ll just be zapped into the “cloud.”

Of course we’ll just repeat the same mistakes we did when we were meat in our funky simulated real life. In our virtual lives you know what we’ll all be doing.   The same things we do on Second Life and the Net.  We’ll be having sex with hot busty MILFs that wouldn’t have looked at us on the outside, drowning in trivial gossip, and watching LOLcat videos.  Our fantasies will come true where our husbands actually listen and the kids are well behaved.

So we’ll be in a simulation in a simulation in a simulation.  And that doesn’t count the sick fucks, aka Gods, who will want to create their own universes and play with their own galaxies, planets, and dues-paying citizenry that cling to such quaint ideas as free will.  And eventually create their own simulations just like we’re doing.

There must be some limit to the potentially infinite recursion of simulations.  I read a science fiction story where time slows as finite simulation processing resources approach full use.  Just like using a Windows computer that gets clogged up every few days and is going to crash.  So be sure to create your own universes before your neighbors do the same.

This isn’t just theoretical fun. We’re deconstructing the simulation through science and learning its rules now.

We see this digitization at the incredibly small nano scale where we’re reaching the limits of the known universe.  Reality there is different.  Albert Einstein got it wrong.  God does play with dice.  Quantum mechanics is just like magic.  Quantum computing allows data to be transmitted immediately anywhere.  Right now the distance may be microscopic.  But again, it’s just a matter of time until it’s thousands of miles to anywhere else in the world, light years, or all the way to the other side of our simulated galaxy.   Combine that with 3D printing and consciousness uploading and you have teleportation.

The scientists are finally getting with the program, so to speak.  Check out The Measurement That Would Reveal The Universe As A Computer Simulation.

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