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LinkedIn kills more babies

First they kill LinkedIn Events.  Now LinkedIn Answers faces the axe in a few weeks. And of course they do so with no community discussion. Members should just be happy they were given some notice, which often is not the case with LinkedIn changes.

For years I’ve argued LinkedIn has been unduly distracted by shiny new toys like these when they should have focused on core networking services that have stagnated and are little different from the early days.

Now that they’re killing their babies, I think it’s a bad move.  Today LinkedIn is certainly large enough to reasonably support secondary services like Events and Answers.  Strategically, while they’re not critical services, had their flaws, and were never going to be as robust as a Meetup or Quora, they did serve to attract new members and increase time on the site and user engagement.

The failing was not monetizing them.  If a subscription included premium features on Events and Answers, they would have had more subs and revenues. Certainly I, a currently free user, would paid it for it, much like I pay for Meetup.

Reducing ancillary services makes sense if they’re focusing on and strengthening networking.  But they’re not.  In fact they continue to REDUCE networking access (like you can’t see profiles of 3rd level connections), not increase features! LinkedIn has prevented me from downloading my own connections for over two years now.



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