Texas, not so great

No, the United States is not the greatest country in the world and Texas is not the greatest state.  I’m sorry.  You’ll just have to leave your ranch, take down that orange U of Texas flag, and join the rest of us in reality.

I’ll leave the first to Aaron Sorkin and just handle Texas … Texas where we proudly executed a retarded man and ignored the U.S. Supreme Court, and wallow in the bottom with states like Mississippi when it comes to health care.


Of Mice And Men: The Execution of Marvin Wilson
By Andrew Cohen, The Atlantic
Aug 8 2012

How the State of Texas blew off a Supreme Court decision so it could execute a mentally retarded man.

At 6:26 p.m local time last night, an hour or so after the last appeal was denied, Texas executed a mentally retarded black man named Marvin Wilson, a man who could not handle money or navigate a phone book, a man who sucked his thumb and could not always tell the difference between left and right, a man who, as a child, could not match his socks, tie his shoes or button his clothes, a 54-year-old man with an IQ of 61. …

Health Care

Texas is the #1 state with the highest medically uninsured residents and was rated among the 10 worst US States for Women’s Health from Health.com.

Texas ranked dead last in the percentage of women receiving first-trimester prenatal care in 2006 (just 62%, versus 89% in Massachusetts), and the percentage of women with health insurance (31% had no coverage in 2008-2009, compared to 5% of women in Massachusetts and 20% in the U.S. overall).

Women in the Lone Star state had the third-highest rate of chlamydia infections (12% in 2010, up from 9% in 2007). Nationwide, the chlamydia rate was 7% in 2010, compared to 3% in West Virginia, the state with the lowest infection rate.



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