Influence this, buddy

Wahooly offers online influencers stock in startups to help promote the companies (article).  Sounds like a good deal, right?

Not so fast. The first clue is that Wahooly charges a monthly fee of up to $450.  They’re not stupid.  If you’re a startup, they want your money, not your stock.

Even worse, it’s a sucker’s bet for online influencers.  Multiple the paltry number of shares you would get with the miniscule probability of success of a typical startup divided by the desperation factor of a company that doesn’t have a real marketing plan and sinks to such a program times the reality that dilution makes your stock worth a fraction of what you expected in the miracle event the company has a successful exit.  The average value comes to bupkes.

Do you really want to turn off your friends, business associates, and network and devalue your personal brand for that?

Real online influencers who don’t mind being bought, er sponsored, get cash or a junket to Maui (my operators are standing by).

If you’re not at that level, you’re much better off sticking with the free promotional USB drive, happy hour drink, or steak dinner their PR firm offers.  Failing that, at least get a photo of you and a hot booth babe or boytoy.


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