Demand generation for the rest of us

The Revenue Typhoon is a way to reliably and consistently generate revenues through demand generation. But is it for for everyone?

An entrepreneur wrote “Marc, that sounds great … if you’re IBM or have funding. I’m a small company. I don’t have the money or people to engineer a pipeline or hire you to create it. Now what? Where’s MY Typhoon? Or am I destined for a few measly sprinkles.”

IBM, wow. That’s dating yourself, my friend.

If you’re a self-employed professional or small company, you don’t have to wander aimlessly in the desert, hoping you’ll run into an oasis. You’re not Moses.

Demand Generation is a philosophy, one that can be practiced even if you don’t have the resources to create a mean, lean, revenue machine.

Technology, knowledge, and process are key ingredients of the Revenue Typhoon and demand generation.

Technology is the core of demand generation. A personal CRM system like WeMeUs stores your contacts and provides a platform for generating and following up leads so you can track the entire demand generation cycle.

Next, build a database that is a complete accounting of your marketing and sales efforts. What programs did you run, what markets did they reach, what metrics were used, how many leads were generated, how many were qualified, how many resulted in sales, and so on.

If you have staff, advisors or consultants, share and update this data so everyone can contribute and see your objectives and progress.

Process starts with a commitment to be knowledge-driven where possible and not dependent on the experience, whims, or dartboard tosses of your top marketing executive, CEO, or his uncle Sal. Marketing and sales activities are judged by relevant business metrics. Each program starts with a plan that includes metrics and then is regularly monitored, compared with other programs, and increased, modified, continued, or canceled.

Plan, execute, measure, learn, and repeat. That’s it!  That process turns your raw data into knowledge as you see what works, what doesn’t, and what has the best ROI.

While you may not have your own full-time demand generation guru, you absolutely can do it yourself. Through this practice, you will constantly improve your ability to generate leads and convert them into sales.


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