Social media basics – Integration

The richness of media has led to people to consume it in personal and  different ways – both desktop and mobile, on computers and portable devices, with apps like email, newsletters, RSS readers, blogs, microblogs, and integrated services like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Buzz.  And it’s  increasing with innovation from new devices like the iPad to the proliferation of mobile apps and plugins.

Today you have to reach your customers, prospects, and the public on all these channels to ensure they receive your message.

Here are a few ways to do that.

  • Promote all the ways people can learn from and interact with you.  So list links to your key services, including your web site, blog, Twitter, etc.  If you have many links, create a web page or use a service that lists them all.
  • Promote these services everywhere – on each individual medium, your sig, your web site, all your emails, your blog menu, etc.
  • Take advantage of social media integration.  For example, make sure your blog postings can be received by email.  If your blog service doesn’t provide this feature, set up and link to an RSS to email service like Feedblitz.  Another example –  you already have a LinkedIn account.  Set it up to read in your Twitter updates and WordPress blog postings.
  • Don’t forget to brand.  Use Namechk or a similar service to search for available names across multiple social services. Use domains or subdomains like to point to your social media sites.
  • Use automatic cross posting from Posterous or other services. For example, I use WordPress blogs whose posts are read by LinkedIn  and which integrates  Twitter updates that are also read by LinkedIn.
  • Write Once-Publish Many.  Each social medium has its own blend of formats and lengths.  When you create original content repackage it for other media.  For example, instead of posting an entire newsletter in one blog entry, break up into multiple postings.

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