Know Your Customers IV: Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is the culmination of this past month’s example of the Revenue Typhoon. By aligning and integrating marketing and sales you’ll be able to powerfully and predictably generate revenues.

The process to this point has been composed of the following:

  1. The development of a Target customer.
  2. Segmentation that meaningfully divides your prospects so you can tailor your marketing to them.
  3. Lifecycle marketing for timely communications based on sales and product status.
  4. A personal CRM tool like WeMeUs with contact management, tags, groups, lead forms, and highly personalized email.

Lead nurturing combines the data from Segmentation and processes from Lifecycle marketing to generate the highest level of personalized communications. It enables you to deliver the information your leads want when they need it. Establish you or your company as a leader, improve your credibility, and remove sales objections. It all leads to your bottom line as nurturing qualifies the lead and moves the prospect down the sales funnel.

Lead nurturing is a warm way to make use of the various marketing and support collaterals and programs you’ve developed, run across, or obtained, including your industry, application, and product web pages, news, help, research, demos, executive briefings, seminars, webinars, case studies, articles, blogs, video, social media, testimonials, free trials, executive access, and immediate sales and technical support.


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