Know Your Customers II: Acquiring marketing data

Last week we covered customer segments.  In this issue we look at how to get this data from your contacts and prospects.

Here are a few techniques.

  • Web funnel. Create different web pages for your various segments. For example, your home page may have links that let the visitor click to explore solutions for different professions, such as recruiters, IT consultants, etc. Each web page then would have a different lead inquiry form that automatically identifies the user from his self-selected page.
  • Lead form. The lead form itself can directly provide options for the user to select his segment(s).
  • Survey. To increase survey participation, make them short, make them relevant, provide an offer like a white paper or sweepstakes entry, and show a compelling benefit, such as survey information (where applicable) will be shared with all participants.
  • Drip marketing. Drip marketing is an extremely effective data acquisition program. Send a regular and personal email that asks only one or two questions or a quick poll. Over time you will build both a strong customer relationship and powerful knowledge base.

Tool tip – use WeMeUs Contact Management and Lead Generation Lead Capture forms.


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