Ask not what social media can do for you …

… Ask what you can do for social media.

Today social media is not an “if.”  See Social media fact: Everyone is doing it.  There are plenty of successful business cases.  Your customers are already uploading, networking, writing, and interacting online.  And they are being engaged by your competitors.

It’s not a “what.”  I list a host of marketing, sales, and business uses in What social media can do for your business.

It’s a “when.”  And it’s a “will.”  When will you start your social media engagement?  When will you find the willpower to make it a part of your business?

Most businesses don’t have a social media expert or especially a social media manager.  That’s where Blue comes in. Ask what Blue can do for you.

We help you two ways.

1. Consulting for medium and large businesses. Blue offers consulting and retainer services for corporations and their divisions, offices, and staff.  We plan, evaluate, launch, measure, and maintain social media programs that deliver value to your core business.  Our seasoned expertise encompasses not just social media, but also Internet marketing, classical marketing, and management consulting for integrated services and real results.

2.  Tribe Blue for small businesses. Tribe Blue uses a group approach for entrepreneurs and small business owners all over the world.  It enables us to provide powerful coaching, social media consulting, and accountability at an affordable investment.


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