Relationships matter

All web visitors are not alike.  If you can appeal to their individual needs, interests, and actions, you can better interact and sell them.  One way to segment users is by where they come from. The following chart holds no surprises.

Paid advertising results in 60% higher conversion than organic.  That’s not a lot, considering paid ads typically are associated with a higher intent to act and have targeted landing pages that better be more effective.

The stronger the relationship or referral, the more likely people will buy, try, register, or contact you. An existing contact or customer is 6 timex more likely to act than a random visitor and 3.5 times more likely than a  visitor from paid advertising.

It’s important to have the right tools.  Microsoft Outlook is a fine address book.  But it’s not going to help you generate business.  I recommend WeMeUs contact and lead management for consultants and small businesses. For relationship building WeMeUs offers  logs and reminders for active contacts, Keep in Touch features for other contacts, and the Email Assistant for sending ongoing customized and personalized news and updates to customers, prospects, and associates.  Sign up for a free account here.

Web conversion by source
Direct URL or bookmark 7.38%
From another site or email 6.58%
Paid search* 2.03%
Organic search 1.26%
Study by Engine Ready of 26 web
retailers over 12 months

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