Entrepreneurs & Funding – Get out of your own way

A successful venture is only 1% inspiration, which you can handle yourself. The 99% remainder of perspiration is hard work. That part you can’t do alone.

There are millions of great ideas out there. Often it’s the middling ones that thrive because they get support and execute well. You can have a terrific concept, business plan, or widget. But if you cannot articulate it and influence and co-opt others, then it’s just vaporware.

A strong ego is critical in building a business. But the same strength of personality that drives your conception, passion, and energy can also prevent your success.

Brilliance and vitality in your head or on paper is not the same as in the real world. That’s only the start, not the end, of your venture. Different skills are required. Whether you seek funding or customers, you must understand the other party’s needs and interests. The smart entrepreneur knows this. He checks his ego and gets out of his own way to create room for others, including staff, investors, and customers.

Make Tribe Blue your first partner when you step back. We help you get the right distance and build the right team.

If you seek funding, DallasBlue has a number of programs  to help you understand what investors seek.

  • Free investor meetings. I thank angel investors Lore  Levin and Garlan Braithwaite who offered working sessions with Blue members in our holiday charity auction and door prizes.
  • Tribe Blue. The group’s weekly meetings provide structured and continual advice and support as you conduct your funding search.
  • VC Pitch. We  will have another VC pitch this spring with angel and VC investors.

Meanwhile, here is an excellent article from VC Raj Kappor on How to Pitch VCs.


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