Are we crazy? $10 investor session, $2/mo consulting, $1 massages …

We are not crazy.  But these prices are, or at least were a few days ago at our Blue Charity Auction, which ends online December 8 and benefits The Family Place and North Texas Food Bank.  Whether you live in Dallas or halfway across the world we invite you to bid on and enjoy these amazing business services, and  contact us with your donations.  Here are just a few bargain goodies.

  • An entire year of massages for $10 (that’s for the year, not per massage). Enjoy a relaxing massage, proven to reduce stress … decrease pain … refresh sore and tight workout muscles … relieve surgery complications … and improve well-being. Hey, I had to start with a fun item if you’re in Dallas.
  • Venture consulting from investor Lore Levin. How much would you pay for a 3 hour working session with an actual investor? $1,000? $250? How about $10? That’s the current price. Lore is quite simply the Queen of North Texas investors. She is an accomplished investor, consultant, CEO, and marketer. She has raised tens of millions of dollars for her clients from private equity, VC, government, and angel groups. She is well known for her work and support throughout the area, including DallasBlue, North Texas Angel Network, Texas Emerging Technology Fund, STARTech Early Ventures, Keiretsu Forum, The InvestIn Forum, and the DFW Technology Alliance. Lore volunteers her time mentoring and teaching students and entrepreneurs.
  • An entire year of Tribe Blue business coaching and consulting, just $25 for a $1,300 value. We’re still taking applications for Tribe Blue scholarships.  If you don’t qualify, here is another option.  We’re auctioning an entire year of the Tribe. Tribe Blue is a business success program for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Tribe features powerful coaching, consulting, and accountability … at an affordable investment.  Our weekly group member meetings empower, motivate, and incent you and drive your venture forward. The meetings provide the structure, mentoring, expertise, and personal relationships that enable YOU to succeed. The Tribe is your partner, whether you seek to raise a million dollars in funding, execute a marketing or sales program to drive sales, or have another objective in building growth and your future. The Tribe features both Dallas meetings and phone conferences to support members anywhere in the world.

Bid on one of these great deals or check out our current offering.  We’re just starting to add new auctions.


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