Group services: Would you like registration with that?

Leading email marketing service Constant Contact announced they’re adding event registration services.  The only surprise is that it’s taken so long.  How many fancy email templates do you have to add before you wonder if there is a better way to leverage your technology, service, and customer base?

There is a natural convergence of group services, people databases, and social networks.  Despite the common tech platform, the rise of converged services has been slow to innovate, save the tidal wave of Facebook and iPhone apps.

Egroups (now Yahoo Groups) set the bar almost 15 years ago for integrated group services.  Yet some of the services there still haven’t made it to email marketing, which has been mostly stagnant the past several years.  While email marketers have added surveys, blogs, and RSS feeds, key group services continue to be weak, including contact management, group management, and CRM.

As a group owner and event organizer, I welcome this integration.  It streamlines my backoffice and operations.

Now if my current email provider (iContact) would just hop on this bandwagon …



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