Who are you? Tribe scholarships. The Economy.

One consequence of the recession is that we may know ourselves better than before.  Job security has been sliding downward for at least one entire generation.  Few of us expect to be at the same company five years from now, much less when we retire.  Each crash of the economy is a ratchet, forcibly resetting our business, career, and life  expectations as companies die, lay off, retreat, and outsource. Bob Cringely’s No Joy in Mudville exposes the seamier side of US corporati0ns and supposedly “good” companies like IBM.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  It can be once you get past the shock, accept the changed reality, and rediscover yourself and your talents.  Or not.  Some of us never recovered from the tech crash a decade ago.  Today many of us, including me, have experienced losing a job or a home in the past ten years if not recently.   I’ll give you the iPod.  But do we really need 60 inch HDTVs and 3,500 square foot homes?

The continued rise in independent work means more people are becoming entrepreneurs.  But they often don’t have the experience or tools to make the transition.  That’s why I formed Tribe Blue where we provide top quality consulting, coaching, and group support … at an affordable price. We even offer scholarships so you can get the program at absolutely no cost.

Whether you’ve experienced a job, housing, or financial loss, or live or work in fear that you will be next, the psychological impact of this recession on individuals is profound.  It can affect not just your livelihood, but your family and health.   It  should not be neglected.  A good therapist will help.  I recommend a great one, my partner Lu Vorhies.

Gender can play an interesting role.  Check out the personal essay  When Your Employer Hands You Lemons from Erik Proulx.  Here is a summary.

Buried in our caveman subconscious is this need for victory. At every turn of our lives we’re competing—for attention, grades, athletic victories, job openings, status, awards, promotions, earnings. When we lose a job, we don’t mourn the loss; we mourn the defeat.



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