Do the math

We help you Do The Math four ways today.

1. Giving or getting stock? Check Venture Tips below.

2. Haven’t quite landed the next million in funding? Today’s ventures have to book actual revenues before most investors will even look at them.  The math in this case says that if you have to have sales, YOU are the one who must be out there selling, long before you have a sales team.  Are you prepared?  Do you have the tools and experience?

Your first step – take DallasBlue’s Thursday sales seminar Double Your Sales … Even Now! with Sean Downing.  Sean will show you how to improve each of the 7 fundamental steps in the selling process. Register now!

3. What’s mathematically better than a Tribe Blue meeting in Dallas? Our Friday phone meetings that actually can save you money.  Get the same program and experience … without the travel time, gas and restaurant cost, and my onion breath.

4. Can you afford an executive coach or consultant at $100/hour … $200, or even more? If so, give me a call.

For the rest of you, the Tribe was established precisely to provide an affordable alternative to consultants and coaches. An entire month of the Tribe with weekly meetings and much more costs the same as a single hour of consulting time.

So do the math. What are you waiting for? Whether you seek angel or VC funding or just want to build your venture or small business, we are the only solution that combines coaching, consulting, expertise, and group support in a cost-effective package. Join the Tribe now or come as a guest.


Would you rather have 100 shares or 1,000? Easy question, right? Who wouldn’t want more shares?

Wrong. It all depends on the capital structure of the company. If the company has 1,000 total shares, 100 shares represents 10% ownership. If the company has 1 million shares, 1,000 shares is .1%. In this case you’d rather have 100.

Your number of shares is meaningless. CEOs routinely form corporations with hundreds of millions of shares so they can give away huge stock or option awards to staff and partners … that actually represent a minuscule share of ownership.

ALWAYS obtain the total number of corporate shares so you know exactly where you stand. Prove to your employer that you are smart enough to not just do the job, but also do the math.

Building Your Success,

Marc Freedman, Your LinkDaddy


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